New Contests for 2019!

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Click HERE to register for the Smart About Salt Lunch & Learn and your chance to win $10,000 in JetBlue Ice Fighter product!

Photo of an axe stuck in the bullseye of a target - for the Axe Throwing Contest


Booth Bingo Contest sample Bingo card

Graphic photo of concrete pavers - for the Hardscape ID Challenge


Ottawa Design-Build Challenge icon 

Photo of plant specimens for the Plant ID Contest 




Axe Throwing Contest…

The 1st Annual GreenTrade Axe Throwing Contest

Presented by

Green logo for Geosynthetic Systems - proud sponsor of the Axe Throwing Contest at the GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show for 2019


Featuring ‘BATL’ the Original Backyard Axe Throwing League

Now you can channel you ‘Inner Viking!

Get details on show day at the GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show!

Ottawa Chapter Board giving axe throwing a tryWoman throwing an axe at the targetTwo axe throwing booths


Even if you've never tried axe throwing before, here's your big chance to heft an axe, test your mettle… and maybe even win a cash prize, too!

1st prize – $250             2nd prize –  $150             3rd prize – $100



Hardscape ID Challenge…

The 1st Annual Hardscape ID Challenge

Presented by

Logo for Oaks Landscape Products - sponsors of the Hardscape ID Challenge at the GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show Logo for Living Green Landscaping - Student prize sponsor for the Hardscape ID Challenge
Student Prize Sponsor


 Get details on show day at the GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show!

Hardscape Challenge sample #1Hardscape Challenge sample #2Hardscape Challenge sample #3


If you can identify the most manufacturers of hardscape materials from a small sample piece of their products, you could win cash prizes!

1st prize – $250           2nd prize – $150            3rd prize – $100



Plant ID Contest…

A variation of our traditional Plant ID booth 


Presented by

Logo for NVK - sponsor of the Plant IS Contest Logo for Living Green Landscaping - Student prize sponsor for the Hardscape ID Challenge 
Student Prize Sponsor


 Get details on show day at the GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show! 

Plant ID Contest Photo #1Plant ID Contest Photo sample #2Plant ID Contest sample photo #3 



This year demonstrate your plant knowledge by correctly identifying the most plants and you could win cold, hard cash!

1st prize – $250             2nd prize – $150              3rd prize – $100  


 Booth Bingo ContestBoth 

Presented by

Logo for Greenius - Presented Sponsor for the Booth Bingo Contest


Everyone who attends the GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show
will receive a Booth Bingo Card.
(You'll find it on the outside back cover of your complimentary Show Guide)!

With Booth Bingo cards in hand, contestants visit the 25 Exhibitor Sponsors whose logos are printed on the card to get a sticker on each Exhibitor's respective square.

The object is to collect rows of 5 stickers in a line (row, column, or diagonal) from the Exhibiting Sponsor booths.

There are two ways you can win

1.) Each line you complete is worth one (1) ballot which will then be entered in a draw for a $500 CASH prize (for example, 4 lines gets you 4 draw ballots

2.) Fill the whole card (stickers on every square) and you'll be entered in the Grand Prize draw for $1,000

In other words, the more 5 square lines you fill with stickers, the more ballots you'll receive,. The more ballots entered, the greater the chance to win one of the cash prizes.

If you get stickers for all 25 squares, you'll not only be entered in the draw for $1000, you'll be entered multiple times in the draw for $500, too!

You don't need to be present at the draw to win. 

Less than full card prize draw – $500 CASH!

Special draw for those who get all 25 squares stamped – $1000 CASH!



Announcing the Ottawa Landscape Design-Build Challenge!

Established in partnership with the Ottawa Chapter of Landscape Ontario.

Presented by

GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show logo Logo for Hansen Landscaping - Co-sponsor of the Ottawa Design-Build Challenge Logo for Canlok Stone Inc - Co-sponsor of the Ottawa Design Build Challenge



The Ottawa Design Challenge is a project – created under the lead of Lindsey Best – to give the opportunity to teams of Algonquin College and high school students enrolled in horticultural programs to work together with landscape professionals. This collaboration will result in the design and build of an engaging outdoor learning environment on High school grounds for all to enjoy.

How it works – the students will form four teams, each tasked with developing a design for an outdoor learning environment.

Their respective designs will be presented to a judging panel  of industry professionals at the GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show for 2019.

GreenTrade attendees will have the chance to vote on the designs at the show (and their votes will influence the judging panel’s final decision).

The winning design will be announced at the Ottawa Chapter meeting on March 21st.

The design will be installed on the school grounds in the Spring and Fall of this year by Landscape Ontario members.

So, make sure you come out to GreenTrade Expo & Construction Show and vote!

There’s still time to sponsor and/or volunteer.

Please reach out to Lindsey Best at @ (remove the space before and after the “@”), or call 613.915.4010 for more information or to take part in this inaugural event. 



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